About Us

Colonial Plumbing & Heating: Your Trusted Name in Plumbing for 25+ Years!
For residential plumbingheating, and cooling Colonial Plumbing & Heating brings professionalism and authority. A plumbing contractor that be counted on for maintaining your business’ systems, Colonial Plumbing & Heating contractors are trained to observe your installation with a diagnostic eye that will find the problem and recommend the best solution possible.

Providing heating, plumbing and air conditioning services in Southern, NH and Northern Massachusetts

Colonial Plumbing & Heating offers a huge service area, stretching from Southern New Hampshire to Northern Massachusetts. For a superior heating/cooling contractor and plumbing service, Colonial Plumbing & Heating is the choice in Portsmouth & Manchester. Also serving Exeter, Nashua, Concord, Derry, Salem, NH and surrounding areas!

Call Colonial Plumbing & Heating today for professional service and courteous specialists. With 24/7 customer support, Colonial Plumbing & Heating is always there for you!
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