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The importance of HVAC services and plumbing is on the rise, and your systems should be maintained to ensure that they’re fully functional when you need them most. Whether your system is a residential or commercial build, a heating & plumbing contractor with integrity will go miles for keeping you amenities running smooth. For Southern New Hampshire, Colonial Plumbing & Heating is that service.

Protecting the integrity of your home’s investment is what Colonial Plumbing & Heating does best. Using industry leading tech and superior customer service, the specialists at Colonial Plumbing & Heating are able to maximize the effectiveness of your residential systems and protect the sizable investment that they represent. Through proper maintenance and talented installation, Colonial Plumbing & Heating contractors help your systems remain on the cutting edge.


Trust our plumbing contractors to provide you with the best services.

For commercial plumbing & heating, Colonial Plumbing & Heating brings professionalism and authority. A plumbing contractor that be counted on for maintaining your business’ systems, Colonial Plumbing & Heating contractors are trained to observe your installation with an diagnostic eye that will find the problem and recommend the best solution possible.

Providing heating, plumbing and air conditioning services in Southern, NH and Northern Massachusetts

Colonial Plumbing & Heating offers a huge service area, stretching from Southern New Hampshire to Northern Massachusetts. For a superior heating contractor and plumbing service, Colonial Plumbing & Heating is the choice in Portsmouth & Manchester. Also serving Exeter, NH!

Call Colonial Plumbing & Heating today for professional service and courteous specialists. With 24/7 customer support, Colonial Plumbing & Heating is always there for you!